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Science and education.
Hello! Unfortunately I have recently very often have problems with learning and I would like to find quality help. In College, no one can help me, because the academic program is very difficult and all solve their problems. How do I find a way out of my difficult situation with subjects and science in College?
Science and education are inextricably linked. To be able to do academic tasks without problems and write competent texts requires many years of experience in the subject. I have a particularly picky teacher and I don't risk writing papers with my mind. When I am assigned another task, then I open the site and I order hard paper.
Приветствую Ищу книгу The Science and Practice of Welding:
Авторы: A. C. Davies или что-нибудь подобное на английском или русском языках. Может кто-нибудь обладает библиотекой по сварочному делу?

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