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"N-n-n-no," Kelly stammered. "I want to do it. I'm just nervous, that's all. What if he doesn't like me or I don't do something right?"Elly giggled like a schoolgirl. "Oh, but knights don't give in to things like this!" Ia cringed. She'd tried repeating her vows to herself earlier. It hadn't helped. Surely Elly wasn't going to... "You said all sortsa things, babe. Really silly things. Stupid things. You hadn't come in a while, I guess!"He must have dozed off, because he came suddenly awake by something warm and wet settling on his face. After a momentary panic he realized that it was Kelly's pussy and that her mouth had his cock in it once again. Happily he began to lick and suck at her pussy, loving the taste of her juices that flowed so freely. They sucked each other for almost an hour, Kelly cumming several times, bathing his face in her juices, until finally he was able to cum again, filling Kelly's mouth with his hot load as she gulped it down. When they finally rolled over to catch their breath, John told Kelly about his talk with Tom Henderson."It certainly does," said Buford. "But, to get back to the story: I flipped you over onto your back then, and pressed on your pussy again with my boot. You spread your legs wide in response, and I could see that your pussy lips were still splayed apart, like your legs. I pulled my stool up and sat down." Buford licked his lips in anticipation of what came next, savoring the memory. "I placed a boot on each lip and pressed down and slowly started working them around, in circles, up and down, from side to side, in different directions."Jan chided her, "Yes, you have too." Janet teased."Okay," she agreed, putting her soda down and then pul-ling her t-shirt up over her head, leaving her standing there in her bra and skirt.
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"Quiet, boy!" the brunette snapped, glaring at him. "I'm trying to talk to my—""Suck it!" I begged as I felt my orgasm building within me.I could hear the crackle and snap of the newly kindled fire, and a quick sideways glance revealed Anne nowhere to be seen on the love seat. I figured she was up to something with Kent, probably giving him his reward for starting the fire.She gasped as his hand pressed against her cleavage. "Ooh. Or do we want more? Naughty boy!""Bravo!" said the boy at last, although he was still enjoying the show. "You've got the stingers out! You can relax now.""Oh, no, we were just leaving," I said quickly, ignoring the dismayed look on Doug's face.“Mistress,” she whispered, “please don't do this. P-ple—heehee!” She squirmed helplessly as the fairy tickled her little toe. “Please!”"And you're soooo glad we found you," the brunette cooed, and he felt her fingers dance over his cock. He trembled, but as soon as they had arrived, they vanished again.
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Cassidy seemed very sweet. She knocked back her drinks faster than I would have expected from someone with her light frame, but other than that she seemed very nice and dangerously charming. That's why I really wanted to say no to her moving into my apartment. Even at 25, I had learned it was dangerous to get too close to a really attractive girl. If you spend too much time with a girl, if you became friends or roommates, and she was even moderately attractive, you were going to end up falling for her one way or another. Even if you didn't develop romantic feelings for her, you'd start to wonder what she was like in bed, how good she was at blowjobs or fucking. And the next thing you know, you'd be thinking about fucking her every time you were together. And you could never fuck her, because that would just mess up the friendship. So you were always royally screwed one way or the other in the end. It was best not to get too close to attractive women, unless you were trying to date them. And living with a hot girl was a recipe for disaster. Cassidy was definitely beautiful.“Right?” Mistress Elly repeated, her voice a sultry whisper. “You don't wanna be my good girl. You wanna be free. You want me to let you go. Isn't that true?” And to Ia's horror, the paintbrush reversed its journey, returning to her clit. Ia started to moan, not just in pleasure, but in plain despair. She felt Elly purring as the catgirl took her in a brief, hungry kiss—and 'took her' was the right phrase, because Ia was powerless to return it, to struggle, to do anything but moan and giggle and accept the sensuous touches. Elly pulled back and smiled. “You want me to free you? 'Cause I might do it, if you ask nicely.”"Yeah, um..." He looked down a little nervously and continued. "I was wondering if you'd like to dance?"Mistress Elly was not kissing her. Was not licking her. With one hand, she happily shoved that big, ridged runerod...I barely felt his hand on in my hair as I watched Jenna's tongue dance across the tip of his cock. I leaned closer and our tongues began to graze across each other as we licked and teased his swollen head. Jenna pressed her lips around him and I immediately did the same. I moaned softly as we kissed with Doug's spongy flesh between us. Hoping she would follow suit, I slid my lips slowly down the length of his shaft then back up again. Jenna didn't disappoint me and next time my lips took their slow journey along the length of my husband's cock, Jenna followed suit.My beautiful wife led him"Mmf!" he cried, trying to warn them."We'll see," she said as she stood to leave my bathroom.
"You scared me," she said, climbing up onto the grassy area, her naked body sparkling with the water in the sunlight.As much as I was enjoying those caresses, how the intensity of the sensation was seeming to swallow me whole, I reached up to the edge to stop myself falling completely, and put my own hand between her thighs."You may be a whore," John said softly, "but you're a very expensive one, and I love fucking you Sis. And I love watching you get fucked too."I reached down to grab her nipples, giving them a hard pinch. Jenna screamed between my legs, and fortunately for me, my orgasm had finished as she stopped licking and was now simply crying out into my hot wet flesh. Doug continued to fuck her and moaned, "So fucking tight!""Oh, fuck this is hot!" she cried out as she put her arms around us. As I licked her nipple, I looked across at Doug and felt my pussy start to drip watching him tongue that pretty pink nub. My hand slid down Jenna's flat stomach and she whimpered as my fingers began caressing the soft skin of her mound. She gasped and jerked forward as Doug's hand had slid down her back and gave her ass a hard squeeze."I promise. Everything," Kelly said, kneeling there, his cock sticking out less than a foot away. "And that way you don't have to wait until you get home," she said slyly. "I'll bet it makes it easier to walk if it's not hard like that."
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"Of course, I have that affect on all women." He observed, dryly.I was so focused on thinking about Cassidy's lack of any taste that I had failed to notice her breathing growing ragged, her back arching deeply. I just flicked my tongue over her sensitive clit over and over and over, trying to taste her, until screams finally made me realize that I had brought her to the brink of orgasm."No, not at all. That's really nice of you."Ia hesitated only a second, and as if punishing her, the paintbrush flicked over her clit. She yelped. “You get to c-come, Mistress! M-makes—heehee—s-so smart!”More than a little, I thought.Jenna yelped in surprise, but then moaned as his mouth devoured hers. I pushed my dress down over my hips and kicked it aside. Now wearing just my red thong, I stepped up behind Jenna and moving her hair began kissing her back as I fondled her firm little ass. She cooed delightedly and started grinding her ass back into my hands. I began trailing my lips down the smooth creamy skin of her back. Sinking to my knees behind her, I started sucking on the cheek of her ass. Jenna moaned and I looked up to see she was now leaning into Doug who was still sucking on her nipple."Are you okay?" John asked.After another moment, a strange mewling sound escaped the redhead.
----------We did the usual tourist things: bought trinkets and souvenirs, ate at the restaurant from our engagement, and flirted with each other. One of the shops specialized in lingerie. It was nearly an hour, and several hundred dollars later before we left. We pretty much behaved ourselves in public, but when safely out of general viewing, I'm sure we confused any passerby of who was married to whom. We spent several hours wandering and buying. By late afternoon our arms were full of bags and packages. If we were going to get any skiing done today, it would have to be soon. The winter sun was setting when we pulled up to the cabin and began carrying our loot in."Fine," she replied icily, "If you're so sure of yourself, then agree that you will wear UNC t-shirts and gear every Saturday and Sunday for a month after they admit that this whole thing was made up.""How would you like it if I dressed like that around the house?" Karin asked. "You think you'd be so relaxed about it?"Elly beamed at her. “Good girl.”"Cum in my hair, Kevin," she pleaded.. "I know you would just love to empty your balls right into my hair, and I'm asking you to do it. Cum for me."
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"Damn their beautiful!" She slid her hands beneath them."Good." She buried her face in Anja's pussy again.2 commentsWith every submission, he grew weaker.After another moment, a strange mewling sound escaped the redhead.For the better part of the next hour, they asked Anne and I about our swinging experiences, which we both candidly related to them. They listened, fascinated, as we regaled them with stories about marathon sex, fabulous couples, disastrous evenings and spectacular parties. Even Janet seemed quite interested in our experiences with third and fourth couples participating. The conversation was also having a visible effect on both Kent and I. Anne had noticed my cock beginning to stir. At first, she used her hand to stimulate me. As soon as I became fully erect again, she bent her head to my lap, engulfing my cock in her wonderful mouth."I'd say so," he said, failing badly to cover himself with his hands, his face turning crimson."But what if you did?" Kelly persisted.

I couldn't hold off taking my morning relief trip to the john. The shower was no longer running, so now would be a good time. Swiftly I was out of bed. Naked, I bounded down the stairs, so fast my hard cock slapped noisily against my stomach a few times.As the laughter subsided, Anne whispered in my ear. "Sweetheart, I think he's too big for me."She patted the seat, looking up at me coyly with her blue eyes from beneath her red hair, and I sat down. Then she dropped to her knees in front of me, her small fingers fumbling with my zipper and pulling it down. I could feel her soft touch as her finger closed around my still stiff pole, and she carefully pulled it free of my pants."Boundaries are bullshit," she replied. "Or didn't you enjoy how I got you off?" Cassidy's hand reached out through the warm shower water cascading between us, and she grasped my cock gently with her soft fingers as if to emphasize her point. She rubbed softly at my cock head, and my meat instantly began swelling. "Ahhh, even if you don't agree, your dick still remembers last night. You had so much cum, and you were such a dummy about just asking me to help, that I thought I would check on you."His cock throbbed at the praise. "I..." Okino tried to swallow, but his throat had gone dry. "I," he croaked."P-please..."
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Yet, the slowness with which our lips parried only served to make me run out of air earlier than expected, forcing me to withdraw for a moment. I recovered the image of her dark eyes that only asked me to return and, after inspiring nervously, I did. This time it was a deeper and more intimate kiss in which our tongues first met and played hide and seek. Finally I caught hers in a gentle bite and in return she caught me with a cheeky lick to my lower lip.In very little time, Cassidy's back was arched deeply, her round breasts proudly thrust outward, and her eyes tightly shut as she rode the electricity of pleasure flowing through her body."I thought it was obvious, I'm jerking you off," she responded with a bright smile. Her fingers were sliding around my cock head, jacking me more quickly and tightly. "What's wrong, don't you like it?""Playing around with her!" Tom exclaimed. "What on earth are you talking about?"Turning, she ran back down the embankment and dove into the river. As she rose to the surface, she heard John hitting the water behind her, and then he surfaced a few feet away."Is it even better than, 'here honey, now you lick her pussy'?""Yeah, he's not a happy camper," Tom agreed."Then cum on my face," Cassidy replied, her blue eyes moving up to meet mine. "Isn't that the point? Don't I look sexy for you dressed up like this? I'm on my knees for you, just waiting for your hot cum on my face."

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